Nyu Media is a leading localizer and publisher of independent Japanese indie video games.

Our Mission
Our mission is to contribute to the standing, competitiveness and development of Japanese independent video games on the world stage. We achieve this by producing high quality localizations, garnering the broadest distribution possible, setting appropriate price points and striving to add value beyond simple localization by adding additional features such as Steam-compatible achievements. In doing so, we enable global gamers to fully enjoy excellent Japanese indie titles as well as support the independent developers by purchasing their games through legitimate channels.

Our Development Partners
We are proud to work with some of the cream of the doujin world, including the renowned Edelweiss and souvenir circ., bullet hell leaders Tennen-sozai and the ground-breaking SITER SKAIN. Our current roster of development partners is:

We have also brought talented Japanese indie game music artists Saitama Saisyu Heiki, Shibayan and Samlie to overseas audiences through direct sales from our website and Bandcamp.com

We have more games on Valve’s marketing-leading Steam distribution platform than any other localizer of Japanese independent video games, and are the only Japanese indie game publisher to have established a publishing partnership with a major video games publisher.  Our distribution partners include: