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Croixleur Sigma – High-speed hack-&-Slash action! Now with 2 player co-op and on STEAM!

Croixleur Sigma - 60 FPS of high-speed, hack-and-slash arcade action, featuring 2 playable characters, 5 modes, local 2 player co-op, online leaderboards, and much more!
by Nyu Media


Croixleur – Hack & Slash TO VICTORY! NOW ON SALE, Only $4.99!

Lucrezia Visconti, the Knight Academy’s top student, must battle her way through scores of monsters to reach lowest level of the Neit Dungeon and defeat her rival to win glory for the Knight Faction!
by souvenir circ.


Fairy Bloom Freesia – Unleash the combo-crazy FAIRY FISTS OF FURY!

The guardian fairy of Lita Forest protects the trees and creatures from invading monsters and humans. Her name is Freesia and her fairy-fu is very, very strong…
by Edelweiss