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Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm On sale *NOW* at Steam and the Humble Store, $14.99!!

Nyu Media, the Yatagarasu dev team, and 3,585 members of the Fighting Game Community present this highly anticipated follow up to the outstanding doujin 2D fighting game ‘Yatagarasu’!
by Nyu Media


TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio – EASILY create your own visual novels! Only $14.99!

The EASIEST, FASTEST way to create multi-platform visual novels is now available on Steam, price only $14.99! Create your own video games with ZERO programming knowledge, & even sell them through distributors such as Steam, iTu...
by GenkiPatton


Croixleur Sigma – High-speed hack-&-Slash action! Now with 2 player co-op and on STEAM!

Croixleur Sigma - 60 FPS of high-speed, hack-and-slash arcade action, featuring 2 playable characters, 5 modes, local 2 player co-op, online leaderboards, and much more!
by Nyu Media



GIGANTIC ARMY – Mech-shooting BAD-ASSERY! Now on STEAM! Only $5.99

AT LAST! The legendary mecha arcade shooter makes its overseas, English language debut! Earth takes the fight to the alien enemy in ASTRO PORT’s heartfelt homage to 16-bit era mech-shooters such as Cybernator / Assault Suits...
by GenkiPatton


Cherry Tree High Comedy Club – Laugh & the world laughs with you! Now on STEAM!

Comedy fanatic and high school student Miley Verisse has decided to set up a comedy club in her school, but her nemesis and the head of the student council, Octavia Richmond, isn’t about to make things easy…
by 773


Fairy Bloom Freesia – Unleash the combo-crazy FAIRY FISTS OF FURY!

The guardian fairy of Lita Forest protects the trees and creatures from invading monsters and humans. Her name is Freesia and her fairy-fu is very, very strong…
by Edelweiss



The eXceed Collection – Bullet hell at a heavenly price!

The eXceed Collection brings together all three installments of Tennen-sozai’s renowned ‘bullet hell’ series at astoundingly good value for money!
by Tennen-sozai