For your viewing pleasure & with thanks to, here is a list of the circles producing original and SFW games that will appear at Comiket 83 on Monday, Dec 31st.

Click on a circle name to visit their site and view the official homepages for information about games, blogs, etc. (Japanese only in most cases, but there are usually plenty of screenshots, movies, etc.)

Please Note:

  • Information is as it has been provided by the doujin circles and is not complete in all cases.
  • Official English versions of circle names and game titles have been used in most cases. Otherwise, we’ve taken the approach of providing phonetic transliterations unless a word is obviously intended to be English (e.g. チーム = ‘Team’, not ‘Chi-mu’).
  • Romanization can be very subjective and many of the renderings may not the official versions. If you notice anything that should be corrected, please drop us a line at and we’ll correct it.
Space No. Circle Name (English) Genre Presenting Demo Notes
East A46b Spicy Tails  Novel New Game(s) WORLD END ECONOMiCA epsode2
East S31a Onion Soft
East S46a  Other New Game(s) BREAKS Technical Preview for Win/Mac/Linux
East T08a Katawa Shoujo Japanese Translation PJ
East T11a Maguro WORKS  Novel
East T11b FC Megabu
East T12a ColorWorks 
East T12b silvervine  Novel New Game(s) Sakura No Uta
East T13a Kanyou Shokubutsu Action Existing Game(s) Kakusu〜Kanashimi No Tsubasa〜 (Final Version)
East T14a SYCA 
East T14b Dorodango
East T15a Papillon Union 
East T15b PacoProject  Adventure New Game(s) Paca Plus Plus!
East T16a ALICE IN DISSONANCE  Novel New Game(s) fault
East T16b Studio F#  Adventure New Game(s) Tenshi No Akashi
East T17a Star Reverbe 
East T17b Kyujitsuya Adventure
East T18a Cheese Kouba
East T19b Makishi Bako
East T20a Twin Pengiun
East T20b Team Effort Novel New Game(s) Mitsumono No Bishou Part 3
East T21a Ministry of The Occult  Novel New Game(s) Itsukushima Nikki Winter Comiket Version
East T21b Kamo-mile Novel New Game(s) Kagerou
East T22b Free Workers
East T23a Ochanomizu Denshi Seisaikujo
East T23b Tsudajou Game-bu Yuushi
East T48a Urashimaya
East T53a Project Ringlet  Novel Existing Game(s) Ringlet the Fairytale
East T53b Aojisyaku Adventure New Game(s) REDBLUEMagnet
East T54a Neko Denwa
East T54b Yuunagi Soft
East T55b Circle Neon Adventure
East T57a Kyokutou no Mikan Adventure New Game(s) Shiawase☆Quintet
East T59a Astrea Novel New Game(s) Eternal Happiness
East T59b Kyattoro-kasu Novel New Game(s) Magical Trouble 04
East U02b granat  Adventure New Game(s) Surikaerareta Kajitsu No Hahen
East U13a Grand House Adventure New Game(s) Corpse Party 2
East U13b Neko Banana Novel New Game(s) 『COLOR 〜Iroiro〜』Kannukiyoakedawashuu:ω+α
East U15a Chainsou Adventure New Game(s) Offline Shoujo (18+)
East U16ab Fuguriya
East U21b Hishou System Action New Game(s) Magical Battle Festa
East U22b Werk 
East U23a RebRank  Shooting Existing Game(s) New Game(s) C.C.S.B. C83 Prototype version
East U23b Shunsatsu Saredou?
East U24a SITER SKAIN  Shooting New Game(s) Final Apocalypse (tentative)
East U24b Eikyuu Loop Action RPG Existing Game(s) Futago Mahou Kumikyoku (Soundtrack)
East U26a Daidaijiru Shooting New Game(s) Kyubishu 〜DANGEROUS!!
East U26b Edelweiss
East U27a Project ICKX  Shooting New Game(s) Machigatta Shain Kyouiku、#skrdsn
East U27b Cross Eaglet Shooting Existing Game(s) New Game(s) REVOLVER360 RE:ACTOR (demo)
East U28a PROJECT YNP  Sports
East U29a B@d Luckers  Adventure New Game(s) KEEP OUT!!
East U30a Stella Cielo 
East U31b Ingadou Type-I.G.  Novel New Game(s) Jisatsusha Senmon Enma-sama Vol.2
East U32a Lilyanmode
East U32b Shioaji Novel
East U33a Seidan Family Novel New Game(s) Doujining〜Let’s make the doujin game〜
East U33b Patrone Adventure New Game(s) Tosogare Contrast 〜Saru Mono Wa Hibi Ni  Utoshi〜
East U34a White Spring 
East U34b Cotton Rose Word Novel
East U35a Teito Rekishi Hensantoukai
East U35b Shiroi Himawari Novel New Game(s) New Game(s) Shiroi Himawari
East U36a GOMA Shio
East U36b IES 
East U37a Team Eye mask
East U37b debris 
East U38a US8 
East U38b Sakana Novel
East U39a Dennnou Material Novel
East U39b Maleficium Novel
East U40a Jinkou Kurage
East U40b Psychedelic Artist[s] 
East U41a Jankyu☆Bokkyushu
East U41b StudioFANVEM 
East U42a Fuwafuwaso Novel New Game(s) Mirai Tanei Sora To Piyo-chan Invisible Restaurant (Chuumon No Dekinai Ryouriten)
East U42b Sunanezumi
East U43a radian 
East U43b GloryHole
East U44a NeOres 
East U44b Dynamite Bandits
East U46a make-it-works 
East U46b Tsuzuku Seisakujo
East U47a Bread
East U48a Katsudou Mangaya Novel Existing Game(s) Hiragi-san To Issho! (Doujinshi)
East U49b Almaz 
East U50a Nobita Riron Adventure
East U50b Mirumiru Soft
East U51a AutumnRemain 
East U51b Raone  Adventure
East U52a EGG 
East U52b Kuroshibatei
East U53a 773 Novel New Game(s) DEAD END JUNCTION #4
East U53b Fortune Bell
East U54a nostalgia  Novel New Game(s) Koko No Ekokoro
East U54b Tana Channel
East U55a Eccentric No Atumarui  Novel New Game(s)
East U55b TGC (Teireikai Game-bu)
East U56a Daydream 
East U56b bush clover Novel New Game(s) Itsuka Tenki Ni Naaru
East U57b Gekidan Robuton
East U58a Trefle  Novel New Game(s) Te To Te Wo Tsunaida Ano Hi Wo
East U59a Perfect Doubt 
East U59b Sasanohane Novel New Game(s) Haruka Na Onegai
East U60a moarea88 
East U60b Team Mojabea Novel New Game(s) Reikou Gakuen Occult Kenkyuukai (tentative)
East V01a kira kira Novel Existing Game(s) New Game(s) Alice Terrace last world
East V02a Mochi No Otoshigo Novel New Game(s) Kuro Tsume Yotsuba
East V02b MG-K 
East V03a Tessen No Ue Ni Budou Seisakuiinkai
East V03b BlackHistory 
East V04a Shiten Battou
East V04b puolikuu 
East V05a nest kore 
East V05b Rose Gurakubu
East V06a AIUEO Company Novel New Game(s) PROGRES
East V06b ProjectClear 
East V07a Yu-gensaika
East V08a cielo  Novel New Game(s) Tomorrow
East V08b 4th cluster  Adventure Existing Game(s) Campus Notes Series
East V09a Tuchikure
East V09b Sekai Masquerade
East V10a Shitai Ga Aruku
East V10b T No Nizyou Adventure New Game(s) Sono Hikari Sono Tsubasa ・ Azatorz No Isan
East V11a Kaishiki Shoujo
East V11b Dr.Grotesque 
East V12a Kikou Jikei
East V12b ZipKreis  Adventure New Game(s) Tanchou Ni Chiru Hana
East V13a 963 Horumu Existing Game(s) Grim Harvest (demo), Gaiden Shousetsu
East V13b Train 
East V14a Bunyaku DooM Novel New Game(s) Higan To Shigan Ni Njimu Sora Gaidenteki Shousetsu
East V14b Halcyon Adventure New Game(s) Kurobako No Michika
East V15a Souju
East V15b SIGN WORKS -LE- 
East V16a Novectacle  Novel New Game(s) The House in Fatamorgana
East V17a Omochatei
East V17b Antique Artworks
East V18a Nekoyana C
East V18b 10RLC 
East V19a InferiorSound 
East V19b DerDev  Novel New Game(s) Hekisa No Uta Wo R/C (Dai Yon Banashi)
East V20a Koneko Mitokoro Novel New Game(s) Hitori, Machibouke
East V20b Higashi No Terakoya
East V21a Tamago Channel Novel New Game(s)
East V21b Wabin Project 
East V22a Belphegor☆Soft  Novel New Game(s) Sarieru No Namida ver0.2
East V22b Chloro  Novel New Game(s) Watashi Wa Joyuu Ni Naritai No
East V23a Rising Star  Novel Existing Game(s) Anya Ni Kikaseru Uta
East V23b 422Arts
East V24a Big IsLand 
East V24b Yotsutsuji Echo Novel New Game(s) Mushi No Me
East V25a 404FAMILY 
East V25b sumbreller Novel New Game(s) Amenochi Hare
East V26b Nasubian Novel New Game(s) MYTHOS
East V27a SAN Chizero
East V27b trick maker 
East V28a Conohana Novel New Game(s) Taima Yawa Souzuki No Yoru
East V28b End of Showa 
East V29a ALTER BLOOD Novel New Game(s) Beddo No Shita No Ono Otoko-san (18+)
East V29b ATEProject 
East V30a Fukigentei Game Han
East V30b Hyperion
East V31a Rythme/Ark 
East V31b Thunder Volt
East V32b Natsuan
East V37b Creative Staff
East V38a Denki Tsuushindaigaku X680x0 Doukoukai
East V38b Kyodai Maikon Club
East V39a Todai Maikon Club
East V39b Tokyo Kougei Daigaku Programming Ken
East V40a Ara Ara
East V41a Aosora Shinkirou
East V46a PON-POKO 
East V46b Kujin Action RPG New Game(s) Kuo-tanion
East V47a Nekomimi No Kakera
East V47b Death Koe Kisa
East V48a Warostudio 
East V48b Space not far  RPG New Game(s) Nisemonotachi No Saiten   Tojouban
East V49a Housouza RPG New Game(s) Majo No Meikyuu   COMITIA102 version2
East V49b Iwaki Shinbunsha
East V50a Project QuestNotes 
East V50b Shiisanmei Existing Game(s)
East V51a Dennneko Yugi RPG New Game(s)
East V52b QUILT Mystery Horror
East V53a TORaIKI  Novel New Game(s) Kyuu Juu Kyuu Kami Gaiden, Kyuu Juu Kyuu Kami (RPG)
East V53b Seisa Wo Irodoru Yume New Game(s) Seisa Wo Irodoru Yume
East V54a Studio Runba Puzzle New Game(s) Maji De Dai Yarunba!
East V54b Non-linear Action New Game(s) Ramina No Doubutsuen
East V55a Damascus 
East V55b CAVYHOUSE  Adventure Existing Game(s) New Game(s) Mayonaka Wa Hoshi Duku Yo (demo) Mayonaka Mayoi Ga
East V56a Amanuma Kaidou
East V57a SKK Game Seisaku Koubou  Puzzle New Game(s) MathingStone
East V58a Soumatou Other
East W01b Easy Game Station  Action New Game(s) Okkotosu
East W02a Ame Sarashi
East W02b Akibun
East W03a Marinecat  SRPG New Game(s) Noblish Crusaders!
East W03b CAT’S WAY 
East W04a GCC
East W04b First Step
East W05b Junk Junction Simulation New Game(s) Crazy Baseball
East W06a Kagurazaka Shidan
East W06b Transobseron  Other New Game(s) Urban Products C1
East W07a exeCUTE 
East W07b Desunoya☆  Action New Game(s) Hina No Fuwafuwa Dream ☆
East W08a Yakiniku Banzai
East W08b Inu To Neko Simulation Existing Game(s) Seiun Hiyori 2 (Doujinshi)
East W09a Atelier Tsurugi
East W09b Konsou
East W10a Rouseiya Simulation New Game(s)
East W10b AlphaStrike 
East W12a LR  New Game(s) Ano Sunatokei Wo Kaesu Made
East W12b TAG Soft  New Game(s) Dodgeball Manager R
East W15a ClassiC Shikoukairo Action New Game(s) TARUKO DELUXE
East W15b PhotonSystem  Action Existing Game(s) NonetConcerto
East W16a Y-Cubed  Action Existing Game(s) New Game(s) NINE TAIL (demo)
East W16b Broken Desk  Action Existing Game(s) New Game(s) Lost Judgement (demo)、LAST HARVEST 〜Ether No Ikusa Otome 〜
East W17a 2CCP
East W18a 
East W18b abeLabo 
East W19a Yamadaya
East W19b Kurenai Usagi Simulation Existing Game(s) New Game(s) ALFINE (demo)
East W20a KIT-Station  Action New Game(s) EspritDolls
East W20b JunkBank 
East W21a Tenmyou
East W21b Byakumukan Action New Game(s)
East W22a PlatineDispositif  New Game(s)
East W22b Mount Punch
East W23a Tensoru Action New Game(s) THE mATHM@STER Suugaku Master
East W23b PandD 
East W24a 16bit  Action New Game(s) Maji☆Kyan 〜Stripe〜
East W24b M3-type 
East W25a My Room
East W25b Myofu~kai Action Existing Game(s) New Game(s) Shiki No Kyouken
East W26a Odoritai Yakitei
East W26b Yasuragitei
East W27a Futagoza Ryuseigun Action New Game(s)
East W28a Matsu No Ki Action New Game(s) Ema No Tanken 2
East W28b Aozakana Sky High Action New Game(s) Marble Towns
East W29a Bug Neko Soft
East W29b Cross-Air 
East W30a Project Windom  Action Existing Game(s) New Game(s) Ultimate Knight Windom SV LiteVersion (demo)
East W30b Top Arts Plan Action New Game(s)
East W37b Kanagawa Denshigijutsu Kenkyujo Other New Game(s) Kanagawa Denshigijutsu Kenkyujo 10th Anniversary Pack
East W38a Syuuyuusya
East W40a Hi-WORLD Kenkyujo
East W41b Yatagarasu Kaihatsu Team
East W42a Hresvelgr 
East W42b combine systems  BTL New Game(s) Black Lotus
East W43a Keropyon BTL flawless victory
East W43b Reddish Region  BTL Hi No Kakera
East W46a ACTINIA Software  Shooting Existing Game(s) New Game(s) 3D Flight STG
East W48a AiM Higher  Shooting New Game(s) Yodaka C83ver.
East W48b Rectangle  Action
East W49a Equinox 
East W49b NeoTransilvania  Shooting New Game(s) Aurorablast2
East W50a F.E.G.S.(tentative)  Shooting New Game(s) VERSH、Kisai
East W51a Nussoft  Shooting New Game(s) NEO AQUARIUM2: ACE of SEAFOOD
East W51b Danshoku Geinin
East W52a Tenkuu Jikei Shooting New Game(s) Luminastella
East W52b Kuromame Ichiza Action New Game(s)
East W53a Endless Shirafu Shooting New Game(s) ∀kashicverse
East W53b Chiba Daigaku Denshikeisanki Kenkyujo
East W54a Crazy I Scream 
East W54b NCRADLE  Shooting New Game(s) Neko Boxer 2 〜Youjo No Gyakushuu〜
East W55a CERTiA 
East W55b ClockWorsk 
East W56a Daisessen Shooting New Game(s) Lethal Operation
East W56b Alouette Ciel Shooting Existing Game(s) New Game(s) MaO (tentative) (demo), ARCANUM ECHO
East W57a @Λ-M Factory 
East W57b SHIRICO Dama
East W58a Radio Spot
East W58b Temperance Lance Shooting New Game(s)
East W59a Project-J
East W59b HeroicHeretics
East W60b Mercenary 
East X01a Kosukoi Hanten Shooting New Game(s) Monster -Chishibuki Junjou Hen-
East X01b Akiragoya  Shooting New Game(s) Yakouga 5
East X02a ASTRO PORT  Shooting Existing Game(s) Astro Himitsu File (tentative) (doujinshi)
East X02b Ushimitsu Banana Gumi Shooting New Game(s) Shooting Game Kimi ga Mita Hikari 3 C83Ver
East X03a Denpa No Kanzume
East X03b Shirogame Juujikasha
East X04a Mizuki ~Kurage~ Shooting New Game(s) 4 Dimensional Replica 〜Dokoka No Kasen No Fukusei No Koku〜
East X04b The Lifeblood
East X05a Silver Efforts
East X05b Over Epsilon Shooting New Game(s) noita
East X06a 7-iro  Shooting New Game(s) ALEXANDRITE ExtraStages
East X06b Waresenbei
East X07a Hanemai Silver Heaven Shooting New Game(s) Noroi-chan 〜Kakumo Sekai Wa Mikan De Miru
East X07b Ashiba Seisakujo Shooting New Game(s) Mikagura Ni
East X11b (Mu) Mujirushi Koubou Shooting New Game(s) 1coinSTG
East X12a Rainbow Shooting
East X12b Ginga Mahou Shounen
East X13a TigerInstall Shooting New Game(s) PrimitivBomb
East X14a primitive  Shooting New Game(s) atomic
East X14b OBLIQUEGLASS  Shooting Existing Game(s) New Game(s) Jigoku No Heli-commando (tentative)
East X30a Creative Freaks  Other Nenshou! Art Collection (Doujinshi)
East X30b Eternal Software  Yandere Kanojo Design Book (Doujinshi)\
East X32a Seisyun Kyakuhon
East X32b All Zero 

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