Following on from their summer video, the civic-minded folk at Edelweiss have released their PSA video collection of footage fromdoujin games that will appear in Winter Comiket over Dec 30-31st.

There are 28 circles and games represented this time around. See the video below for a complete list of the game titles, circle names and booth locations in English and click on the time after a game title to open the video in a new window at the relevant spot.



List of Games & Circles

Game: USC ~Ultimate sunflower creation~ (0:28)
Circle: Shiso No Ha (Booth: East A-17b)

Game: Touhou☆Strategy ~LotusCraft~ (2:29)
Circle: Neetpia (Booth: East KI-47a)

Game: Gensokyo Taisen (4:50)
Circle: Under the Gun (Booth: East KI-48b)

Game: Touhou Chireisou (6:53)
Circle: AloMarron (Booth: East KI-49b)

Game: Suika To Hyakkibei (8:15)
Circle: Studio Rice Cake (Booth: East KI-52b)

Game: Suwako-chan No Paccherisu (9:16)
Circle: UTG Software (Booth: East KI-57a)

Game: Maid-san Crisis (10:41)
Circle: Kokoko Soft (Booth: East KU-08b)

Game: Touhou Izakura (12:53)
Circle: Yu-Yu San-San (Booth: East KU-11a)

Game: Touhou Card Monsters (15:02)
Circle: Ichigo Bouzu (Booth: East KU-16b)

Game: Shanghai To Nazo No Madousho (Grimoire) (16:58)
Circle: Yamiuchi Project (Booth: East KO-05b

Game: Heart of Crown PC (19:01)
Circle: Heart of Crown PC Seisakuiinkai (Booth: East U-14b)

Game: Magical Battle Festa・Mahou Shoujo ☆Hoshiwaraion Prologue (22:08)
Circle: Hishou System (Booth: East U-21b)

Game: Futago Mahou POKER (24:09)
Circle: Eikyuu Loop (Booth: East U-24b)

Game: Astebreed (25:50)
Circle: Edelweiss (Booth: East U-26b)

Game: REVOLVER360 RE:ACTOR (27:39)
Circle: Cross Eaglet (Booth: East U-27b)

Game: Hina No Fuwafuwa Dream(28:58)
Circle: Desunoya☆ (Booth: East W-07b)

Game: Taruko Deluxe (30:59)
Circle: ClassiC Shikou Kairo (Booth: East W-15a)

Game: NINE TAIL (32:18)
Circle: Y-Cubed (Booth: East W-16a)

Game: Shiki No Kyouken・Kaminaduki Zekkei (33:20)
Circle: Myofu~kai (Booth: East W-25b)

Game: Harapeko Einiya (35:13)
Circle: Masakami Shizenhogoku (Booth: East W-31a)

Game: BLACK LOTUS (36:19)
Circle: combine_systems (Booth: East W-42b)

Circle: Nussoft (Booth: East W-51a)

Game: ∀kashicverse -Malicious Wake- (38:25)
Circle: Endless Shirafu (Booth: East W-53a)

Game: Neko Boxer 2 ~Youjo No Gyakushuu~ (39:44)
Circle: NCRADLE (Booth: East W-54b)

Game: Yakouga 5 (40:47)
Circle: Akiragoya (Booth: East X-01b)

Game: Kimi Ga Mita Hikari 3 (42:07)
Circle: Ushimitsu Banana Gumi (Booth: East X-02b)

Game: noita (43:39)
Circle: Over Epsilon (Booth: East X-05b)

Game: Jigoku No Heli-commando (45:04)
Circle: OBLIQUEGLASS (Booth: East X-14b)


Edelweiss’s Japanese page for the preview video is here.

You can find a full list of original and SFW doujin games due to appear at C83 is here.