Multi-perspective 2.75D Arcade Shooting!

ETHER VAPOR Remaster is a cinematic 3D arcade shooter and visual treat from developer Edelweiss. Explosions, lasers, ships and backgrounds are breathtakingly rendered. The dynamic camera uses vertical, horizontal and cinematic chase cam views to switch up the action and highlight the drama. Use multi-lock-on to shoot tens of missiles at a time and even blow up an entire battleship in the challenging Bonus Zones.

All hope seems to be lost for the country of Lydia in their war against Caldea, which has a huge advantage in numbers and technology. Into the midst of this war flies an unknown pilot in a prototype fighter… His agenda and the secret to the his awesome firepower will be revealed as he takes on overwhelming numbers of enemy fighters and massive bosses to reach his final objective.


  • Gorgeous 3D graphics, supporting up to 1600 x 1200 resolution and anaglyph 3D mode
  • Dynamic camera covering vertical, horizontal and cinematic chase
  • Destroy the enemies with gatling, winder and lock-on weapons, each with a unique charged shot
  • Cinematic Bonus Zones with multi-lock-on mode
  • Online leaderboards

Gameplay Trailer

Release Date: June 29th, 2012
: PC (Windows) download
Genre: Multi-perspective 2.75D Shooting
Price: $7.99
DRM: None



About the Developer
Indie developer Edelweiss has been active since 2005 and most of its members have professional video games development experience. As Edelweiss, their focus is on making games that are fun from the point of the players. Between their day jobs and Edelweiss, they live, breathe, eat and sleep games development.

The group is represented by ‘Nal’ whose development experience is mostly on fighting action games. Nal’s specialty is programming and effects design, but for Edelweiss games he also goes game design, GUI, writes music and sound effects. He likes all types of games, but in particular RAYSTORM, Tenchi Souzou and Devil May Cry.

For more information, visit Edelweiss at: