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January 17, 2013

C83 STG Highlight: Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR (CROSS EAGLET)

Still under development, but already showing tremendous promise, Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR is the natural evolution of the original XBLIG game Revolver 360 and is essentially a “360 degrees rotation shooter”.

The player can manually rotate (“revolve”) the entire scenery to strategically adjust the playing field and, for example, overlap massive bullet patterns that would otherwise be unavoidable to turn them into a gold mine of points. How so? By cancelling them with the use of your awesome special laser weapon of course! Such is the power of this other “revolver” whose glorious strength will kick your ship backwards. You can charge up to six shots to fire them at discretion. You can also trigger an Overdrive once a red bar completes its circle around your ship and you hear the noise: this action will absorb all the bullets on screen and let you briefly unleash a divine, unstoppable stream of glorious lasers without pause that will leave nothing standing.

RE:ACTOR adds another layer of complexity to the original formula with the inclusion of background targets. These can only be destroyed by using a new lock-on weapon that is triggered while firing, leaving the player free to deal with foreground threats. This weapon is also essential to open up gates and destroying obstacles that could otherwise kill you instantly, as well as when dealing with the giant boss included in this version. I just hope you don’t suffer arachnophobia.



The ship comes equipped with a life bar, a neat addition that will help scratch quite a bit of damage, survive some collisions or bullet assaults. As with shields in Astebreed or Akashicverse, it’s a great tool to assist newcomers to the genre. Certain mid bosses and big enemies will also provide items to refill this bar, further increasing survivability in order to keep the focus on the scoring, which is fierce and without quarters. At the end you are presented with the amount of times you got damaged so it’s still encouraged to avoid getting pummeled by the enemy. Currently, the stage available is divided in several sectors with a couple of mid-bosses and one big, great boss at the end.

Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR sports a distinctive and extremely stylish artistic approach with deep tones of blue combined with touches of red and white, all glowing and vibrant, giving it a very cybernetic feeling that’s only magnified by the masterful music. This is a reactor you’ll really want to dive into!

For more details, check out developer CROSS EAGLET’s homepage at http://crosseaglet.xii.jp/


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