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Author Topic: Gamepad Support
Billy Joe

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Post Gamepad Support
on: July 3, 2013, 02:51

You really should specify that “your” games have gamepad support on steam. I’m sure it could bring some more sales.

Some people seems to just search for games with gamepad support and just won’t find your games.

I don’t have Cherry Tree High Comedy Club so I can’t tell if it supports gamepads but all the other games should have this little information on their pages (except the first Exceed where the directions are broken).

And it’s off-topic but I’m fed up of waiting for the Siter Skain games to get greenlight! I Guess I will get them on Desura just like Croixleur & War of the human tanks.
People on Greenlight don’t like shoot’em up & Doujins…better get 30 Horror FPS and MMOs.

Tale of Alltynex, Cloudphobia, Suguri Collection and now Diadra Empty…
Really hope you guys & Rockin’ Android manages to get your greenlight games on Steam one way or another!

And good job for getting in touch with the guys behind Yatagarasu! Best wishes for your Indiegogo campaign!
Hope it will be a success like the kickstarter for the tale of alltynex (seems like it will :)).


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Post Re: Gamepad Support
on: July 3, 2013, 18:32

Hi Billy Joe!

Y’know, AlphaProspector brought up the very same gamepad point some time around, but we never got around to implementing it. Thanks for bringing it up – I’ll see what we can do about it!

Cherry Tree High Comedy Club does have pad support, btw.

>I’m fed up of waiting for the Siter Skain games to get greenlight!

Haha. You and us all! Yes, best not hold your breath for this one.

Thanks for your feedback and support!!

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