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October 16, 2013

ARMED SEVEN Launched TODAY In the Groupees Build a Doujin Bundle 2!!

We are pleased to announce the first release from our Winter-Spring line-up, the 2D side-scrolling mecha shooter ARMED SEVEN, which officially launches TODAY as part of the Groupees Build a Doujin Bundle 2!

ARMED SEVEN will be available for purchase from GamersGate, Desura, Rice Digital and other digital distributors, but right now you can get it at HUGE discount along with a panoply of other great doujin games, including Higurashi – When They Cry, Hatoful Boyfriend and the cult shooter Hellsinker! You’re welcome!

Details about ARMED SEVEN and a link to the bundle follow below!

Get ready for side-scrolling mecha-action from the creators of SATAZIUS! Pilot your mecha to protect the Earth Federation against the Neo Loran in this blast-a-thon of bullets, lasers, giant robots and boss fights!

The year is 1989.  12 years have passed since the Gogoh’s Army invasion of Earth. The introduction of alien technology enabled Earth technologies to take a massive leap forward. Conflict between countries declined and the Earth Federation was established as a unified Earth government. The stage was set for an era of unprecedented prosperity.
However, the peace was abruptly broken. The underground militant organization, the ‘Neo Loran Order’, was bent on establishing a new world order.  Utilizing weapons stolen from the federation, they launched a global assault. Now, the fate of the newly-formed Earth Federation hangs in the balance as it begins to fight back!

+ 5 stages of side scrolling mecha-shooting action!
+ Customizable weapon load outs with 12 weapons to choose from!
+ 16 achievements to earn!
+ 4 difficulty levels: Easy to INSANE!

Get ARMED SEVEN in the Groupees Build a Doujin Bundle 2 right here!


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