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October 30, 2013

Eryi’s Action is GREENLIT! Prepare for Steam-wide Trolling :)

The road to Steam has been a long one for our ‘masacore trapformer’ Eryi’s Action – we released and put her onto Greenlight immediately after the system was introduced over a year ago, but FINALLY the Steam release is before us!

We’ll take just a bit of time to add Steam-based achievements(!) and trading cards, and then release as soon as we’re ready. Luckily, we started on the Steamworks integration way back last year, so it’s just a case of picking up where we left off. We expect to get her release-ready within in the next couple of weeks. Please watch here, the Nyu Media blog, forum, Twitter, or Eryi’s Action Greenlight page for updates.

For the record, Steam keys will be provided to everyone who purchased prior to Eryi being greenlit (i.e.Oct 30th), yes, that includes people who purchased via bundles.

THANK YOU to everyone one who supported Eryi on Greenlight and made this happen!


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