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April 23, 2013

Just Launched: The Tale of ALLTYNEX Kickstarter & Steam Greenlight!

We JUST launched a Kickstarter campaign AND the Steam Greenlight entry for our next release, a trilogy of arcade shooting games called the Tale of ALLTYNEX!

The Tale of ALLTYNEX comprises of KAMUI, RefleX, and ALLTYNEX Second and is one of the most revered and respected Japanese shooting game series ever. Brain-transplanted fighter craft, reflective shield technology, and blade-based melee attacks take on a global militarized government, genocidal A.I. and ancient alien weapons of mass destruction! More AWESOME than you can shake a stick at!

The purpose of the Kickstarter is to support the final stages of the localization work and to help promote the games’ release. Reward tiers for contributors include the games, soundtracks, plushies, dakimakura, and a trip to the Winter Comiket event in Tokyo this December to hang with us and meet some of the cream of Japan’s indie developers in person! We also have stretch goals that will deliver limited runs of collectible physical editions of the games.

For LOTS of details, please visit The Tale of ALLTYNEX Kickstarter campaign at http://kck.st/ZMwFFR

Also launched this morning (it’s been a busy one!) is the Steam Greenlight entry for The Tale of ALLTYNEX this morning! Please visit the page and vote UP The Tale of ALLTYNEX to help us get on the world’s biggest digital games distribution service!

The Tale of ALLTYNEX at Steam Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=140267269

Please show your support for this AWESOME set of games!!


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