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May 23, 2013

The Tale of ALLTYNEX Kickstarter CLOSED w/ 292% Funding!

Our Tale of ALLTYNEX Kickstarter campaign just closed and we are delighted to announce that in addition to reaching our funding goal within 19 hours of launch, we raised almost triple our goal!

Here are the results:
Funding goal: $4,999 (reached within 19 hours of launch)
Funding result: $14,621 (292% vs goal!)
Stretch goal met: Tale of ALLTYNEX Official Guide Book (digital copies)

Unfortunately, we were unable to reach our stretch goal of Limited Physical Editions of the games, but we have decided to produce a Tale of ALLTYNEX Digital Deluxe Edition as a consolation / thank you reward for everyone who would have been eligible to receive the physical edition.
The digital deluxe edition will include:

  • KAMUI, RefleX, ALLTYNEX Second game data
  • The Tale of ALLTYNEX Guide Book (PDF)
  • KAMUI, RefleX, ALLTYNEX Second original soundtracks (flac, 320kps mp3)
  • The Tale of ALLTYNEX DVD case image data (PDF) *
  • The Tale of ALLTYNEX game DVD and OSTs disc label image data (PDF) *
  • The Tale of ALLTYNEX postcard set image data (PDF) *
  • Bonus soundtracks: Reflection and RefleX trial version (flac, 320kps mp3)*

* = Exclusive to the Digital Deluxe Edition.

We will follow up with backers shortly to confirm OST and games choices, names to be credited with in our ALLTYNEX.com website and in the ALLTYNEX Second ending credits, to give updates regarding delivery of the pledge rewards and progress on the games as release approaches.

This is a great result, particularly in the light of similar campaigns that have struggled recently. On behalf of everyone at Nyu Media and SITER SKAIN, HUGE THANKS to everyone for your support & please don’t forget to vote for The Tale of ALLTYNEX on Steam Greenlight!


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