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June 6, 2013

The Tale of ALLTYNEX ReleasedToday!

The renowned Tale of ALLTYNEX is now officially LIVE & available for purchase from ALLTYNEX.com, GamersGate, Rice Digital and due to go live at Desura.com from this weekend!

For everyone new to the series, the Tale of ALLTYNEX is a trilogy of games by Japanese indie developer veterans extraordinaire SITER SKAIN and is comprised of the arcade shooting games KAMUI, RefleX and ALLTYNEX Second.

These are not your standard pew-pew shooting games! Standby for EPIC as brain-transplanted fighter craft, reflective shield technology, and blade-based melee attacks take on militarized global government, genocidal A.I., and ancient alien weapons of mass destruction!

The series has achieved legendary status among doujin game fans in Japan and already has a following among the Western shmup community. With today’s launch, Western gamers can for the first time fully enjoy the unique gameplay mechanics, carefully crafted play experiences, destructive fun, and engaging score attack gameplay which have made the ALLTYNEX games renowned among shmup players worldwide.

Prices for the English versions are $7.99 for individual games and $19.99 (save $4!) for the full series. The original soundtracks are also available at http://siterskain.bandcamp.com.

Please visit http://ALLTYNEX.com more details, demos and to purchase the games, don’t forget to vote for The Tale of ALLTYNEX on Steam Greenlight!


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