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November 13, 2013

The Tale of ALLTYNEX Passes Greenlight! Coming Soon to Steam!



SITER SKAIN’s seminal shooting game trilogy, The Tale of ALLTYNEX, has been approved by Steam Greenlight process and is coming to Steam in the near future!

Here is a link to the Tale of ALLTYNEX at Greenlight.

We’ve started discussions with SITER SKAIN regarding the development work and scheduling, and will follow up with progress / release timing announcements when our plans begin to firm up.

Steam keys will be provided to eligible Tale of ALLTYNEX Kickstarter supporters and everyone who purchased the full set of games through GamersGate, Desura, from the ALLTYNEX website, etc. when they are released on Steam.

For purchasers of the individual games (including the Groupees & Indie Gala bundles), we hope to provide individual keys for the standalone games. Whether we can do this will depend on how our discussions go with Valve. In the event that we can’t provide Steam keys for individual games, we’ll work out some other (TBD) arrangement. Please watch this space for updates.

We are absolutely stoked to see the ALLTYNEX games getting the place on the big stage that they so deserve!  On behalf of everyone at Nyu Media & SITER SKAIN, THANK YOU to all who supported the games through the Kickstarter and on Greenlight!


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