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2D ‘Warp Action’ Shooter ZANGEKI WARP Available on Steam Now, only $5.99!!

Take control of the hyperdimensional fighter craft ‘ZanFighter’ and use its advanced warp functions to defeat an army of space beasts controlled by an evil scientist!
by GenkiPatton


WOLFLAME Glorious 2D Vertical Shooting for Windows and Linux, only $5.99!! Available on Steam Now!

Relive the days of glorious vertical shooters like Raiden, Raptor, and Twin Cobra in this new vertical shooter from ASTRO PORT!
by GenkiPatton


STEEL STRIDER Now Bringing Justice to Steam! for Windows and Linux, only $5.99!!

STEEL STRIDER is the follow up to the acclaimed GIGANTIC ARMY and pays homage to the great run and gun games such as Turrican and Super Contra!
by GenkiPatton



Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm On sale *NOW* at Steam and the Humble Store, $14.99!!

Nyu Media, the Yatagarasu dev team, and 3,585 members of the Fighting Game Community present this highly anticipated follow up to the outstanding doujin 2D fighting game ‘Yatagarasu’!
by Nyu Media


Supercharged Robot VULKAISER – 70s Giant Robot Anime Shooting Action! Only $4.99!

The year is 1977, and the Earth faces threat from the evil alien Gogoh Army! Humankind’s only hope lies with the world’s greatest science research lab and their ultimate invention, the Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser! ...
by Nyu Media



TyranoBuilder Visual Novel Studio – EASILY create your own visual novels! Only $14.99!

The EASIEST, FASTEST way to create multi-platform visual novels is now available on Steam, price only $14.99! Create your own video games with ZERO programming knowledge, & even sell them through distributors such as Steam, iTu...
by GenkiPatton