The Epic Shooting Game Trilogy, Collected for the First Time!

Collected for the first time: one of the most loved and respected Japanese shooting game series ever. Brain-transplanted fighter craft, reflective shield technology, and blade-based melee attacks take on genocidal A.I. and ancient alien weapons of mass destruction! More AWESOME than you can shake a stick at!

“Taito took the torch to their Layer Section / Ray- series, handed it to SITER SKAIN, and said, “Hey man, you got this.” Lock-ons ‘n homing lasers ahoy!” – DJI, @shmups

“SITER SKAIN’s games are quite possibly the best doujin shmups ever created” – Ghegs, Shmups Forum

“Compelling… The indie answer to Taito’s classic Rayforce series” – Dominic Tarason, IndieStatik

Finally, Western gamers can fully enjoy the unique mechanics, carefully crafted play experiences, focus on destructive fun, dramatic presentation and engaging score attack gameplay which have made the ALLTYNEX games renowned in Japan. Sci-fi fans will also enjoy the backdrop to the action, which is a millennium-spanning saga which encompasses global civil war, an ages old alien threat and humanity in need of salvation as it teeters on the edge of extinction.

The three games that make up the chapters of the ALLTYNEX trilogy are:

  • 5 stages of carefully crafted 2.5D vertical scrolling shooting action!
  • Powerful Blade melee mechanic: get up close and personal for maximum destruction!
  • Target enemies from afar with Homing Lasers or lance through enemies and bullets alike with the powerful Buster Rifle!
  • Advanced combo system: smart play and switching between melee and fighter modes is rewarded!
  • Tutorial, Practice and Replay (featuring normal and cinematic views) modes!

  • 8 stages of action and massive boss battles!
  • Use the reflective shield system mechanic for perfect defense or to powerfully reflect enemy attacks!
  • Carefully crafted dramatic developments to match the in-game story progress!
  • Take on a diverse roster of enemies: from the Global Unified Army forces to the Raiwat invaders and their apocalyptic living devices!
  • Features Arcade, Training and unlockable Soundtrack modes!

  • 6 stages of meticulously designed levels and presentation!
  • The ‘real deal’! 2D arcade shooting action over high & low altitude planes!
  • Score multiplier system based on an auto-targeting Lighting Attack!
  • Destroy enemy bullets using the powerful Lightning Katana!
  • Finely-tuned difficulties and rank system: pick from several difficulty settings based on precision enemy placement and algorithms or let the game adjust the difficulty according to your skills!
  • New to the English version: TATE (rotated) display mode!

Steam Release Date: Dec 11th, 2014
: PC (Windows) download
Genre: Epic Arcade Shooting
Price: $19.99
DRM: None
Homepage: http://ALLTYNEX.com/


About the Developer
SITER SKAIN is a 3-man Japanese indie development team formed by university friends in 1999. SITER SKAIN’s approach to shooting games centers around creating destructive fun, weapon mechanics that allow for tactical play, and engaging score systems that makes for enjoyable score attacks. Then, of course, they lavish effort into the stage design and dramatic presentation. There are no dialogue scenes in their games, but they effectively build up the tension and drama through inventive and effective use of battle situations, gameplay developments and background music.
For more information, visit SITER SKAIN at: http://siterskain.com/